Please note that currently the KCF Foundation is not actively soliciting public grant requests.

Grant Guidelines

  • The grant requests must fall into the categories of Educational Grants, Literary Grants, Scientific Grants, or Religious Grants.
  • Religious Grants must be grants that serve the community without biases towards other faiths, genders, or social roles.
  • Grants must be sponsored by an acting board member to be considered for a vote. While we will take unsolicited grants, there is a good chance that it will not be sponsored by a board member.
  • All charities must be a 501C3 with the appropriate recognition from the United States Internal Revenue Service.
  • Grant requests currently are restricted to Austin, Houston, and Surrounding areas.

Other Limitations

  • The Foundation makes grants only to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that have received a “not a private Foundation” determination letter (or preliminary ruling) from the IRS per Internal Revenue Code 509(a)(1), 509(a)(2), or 509(a)(3). This means we fund traditional public charitable organizations. We make no exceptions to this restriction. The Foundation will not make contributions to:
    1. Individuals
    2. Organizations not classified as public charities by the IRS
    3. International charitable organizations


  • The KCF Foundation Meets twice a year to discuss and vote on grant requests. Due to the limited nature of our meetings the deadline to receive any new Grants for the year is November 15th. Any grant requests received and sponsored past the 15th of November will be considered for the next year.

How to Apply

  • Determine first if you qualify under the Grant Guidelines.
  • Fill out an application.
  • Submit the application, your 990, and your IRS determination letter along with any supporting documents about your organization and how it helps the community to our email address.



Current Board of Directors

  • Robert S. Andresakis -Grandson to Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux
  • Paula Heileman – Daughter to Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux
  • Summer Andresakis
  • Blackie Heileman
  • Marc Schnieder
  • Penny Van Shoubrouek – On behalf of Happy State Bank